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PostSubject: New member   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:15 am


I'm looking to get into another form of relatively cheap motorsport. I was originally thinking of buying a Reliant SS1 for sprinting/hill climbs, then when watching a 4x4 is born my girlfriend said she'd give off road trials a try which seemed like a good idea so I thought we might as well do it together. I currently have a customised monkeybike for road use, a 'banshee' minimoto that I only do practise sessions on (I'm too slow and crash too often to race) and a Scimitar as my everyday car which I've also used in the owners club autotest. We live East of Durham, I've got a mate that competes in a coil sprung 101.
My only recent 'off road' experience has been attempting to get a little Chevrolet (rebadged Daewoo I think) down what the Romanians refer to as roads.

I'm currently in the process of getting a garage off the council then I'll be shopping for a vehicle. A Suzuki seems to be the practical choice, there seems to be plenty of people competing in them and loads of info around, plus they're not only cheaper than landrovers but probably also light enough to legally tow with the scimitar.

I don't yet have any knowledge of the Suzuki model range or competition classes.
What would be a good basic starter vehicle and what kind of price range should I expect to pay for one ?
I'd like something with scope for future development, a decent roll cage and road legal. (Garage terms state the vehicle must be road legal, plus I'm not certain one will fit in on a trailer and I'd like to start without the expense of a trailer.) It would be nice if it was also competitive in it's class but that's not essential to start with.


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hello and welcome to the forum enjoy your stay and have fun Smile

you will find all the help and info you need here mate Smile


the place to be!
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hellooo Laughing
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